What is EVready?

EVready is owned and managed by Kev and Kyle, both operating electrical contracting business’ in Auckland City. Their experience ranges from renewable energy design and installation, high-end residential projects through to complex commercial contracting. Our prior experience with the installation of renewable energy and battery systems made moving towards electric vehicles charging a natural progression for them.

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Our Installations

Why we do what we do?

EVready Leading The Charge Kev and Kyle’s vision is the same, Make New Zealand EVready!

Making NZ even greener. They decided to combine their expertise and resources in early 2018 to deliver the latest in EV charger installations and information to you, the customer.

EVready chargers integrating with your Renewable Energy.

Our ev chargers are intelligent! We can set them up to charge when your solar panels are producing the most energy, charge when you’re paying off peak power at home in the early hours of the morning, or when your batteries at home are ready to be completely discharged in the early hours of the morning prior to your solar on your roof harnessing another days energy from the sun.

If you want acomplete turn-key solution EVready and design, and install a solar, battery and EV charger at an extremely competitive rate, making your property incredibly efficient and reducing your carbon footprint dramatically.

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We provide EV charger installations, bringing solutions between the suppliers and the end users